meter it

meter it – A Universal Metering & Measuring Tool for iOS

meter it is a universal tool that unites a multitude of free meters in an easy to use interface. The free version already comes with 14 integrated meters, and more will be added over time. There is no need any more to buy individual apps when you can have all in one for free! meter it allows you to customize the interface to your liking with up to 8 meters per screen page and up to 10 screen pages (PRO feature).

meter it has been removed from the App Store on May 6, 2018 and is no longer available for download.
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Erste Hilfe Hund

Die praktische App, die ihrem Hund das Leben retten kann!

Jeder hat es schon einmal erlebt: Plötzlich verletzt sich Ihr bester Freund beim Spielen, wird von einem anderen Hund gebissen oder hat etwas gefressen, was er nicht sollte. In diesem Moment ist man als Hundebesitzer oft überfordert und weiß vor lauter Aufregung nicht, was man zuerst tun soll. Für diesen Fall der Fälle gibt es „Erste Hilfe Hund“, die App für Ihr iPhone mit all den Informationen, die Sie im Notfall schnell zur Hand haben müssen. Die beliebte App aus dem Jahr 2011 wurde im April 2016 komplett überarbeitet und modernisiert. „Erste Hilfe Hund“ weiterlesen


Bulk Image Resize, Watermark and Upload for WordPress

BIRU-WP lets you easily resize, watermark and upload a batch of images from your iPhone or iPad to your WordPress blogs with as few clicks/taps as possible. After you have entered your WordPress blogs‘ url, username and password once, you just have to select the images from you deviceand push the upload button. BIRU-WP does the rest. „BIRU-WP“ weiterlesen

Off Site

Offline Web Content for Intranets

If you are looking for an app that helps you to view your favourite websites offline, we are sorry to disappoint you. There are many apps out there that do just that, so there is really no point in writing another one. But if you are a website administrator and you want to make some of your webcontent available to your users offline in an easy manner, then Off Site might be just the right tool for you and your users. „Off Site“ weiterlesen