AnyFinder – the lastest app from beaconeer publishing – helps you to you find virtually anything with a GPS coordinate on this planet. No more need for a This-Finder or That-Finder. You can now have any finder within one app.

Out of the box we help you find millions of places like

Airports, ATMs, Bars, Beaches, Beer Gardens, Benches, Bicycle Parking, Bicycle Rentals, Cafés, Camp Sites, Car Parking, Caravan Sites, Charging Stations for Cars, Christmas Markets, Clinics, CNG Stations, Communications Towers, Defibrillators, Dentists, Drinking Water, Fast Food Places, Fire Hydrants, Fire Stations, Gas Stations, Helipads, Hospitals, Ice Cream Places, Laundries, Marketplaces, Pharmacies, Places of Worship, Playgrounds, Police Stations, Post Boxes, Public Bookcases, Pubs, Recycling Places, Restaurants, Sanitary Dump Stations, Shelters (Weather), Soccer Fields, Supermarkets, Toilets, Tourist Informations, Vets, Wastebaskets and many more.

And if you are missing a certain collection or a place, you can just add it yourself (with a subscription to AnyFinder Pro),

At the moment you can either add collections and places to our worldwide database or you can define queries against the worldwide OpenStreetMap database within the app. Adding places directly to OpenStreetMap will be supported in a future version of the app.

More information is available at