Privacy Policy for the iOS App „BIRU for WordPress“


Data that we collect

Location, time and type of collection

Where the data is stored

Information about your WordPress blog(s) that you want to upload photos to (aka a blog profile)

Entry form under the menu item „Blog Profiles“ where you can enter, edit and delete the data yourself

  • locally on the device
  • optionally in iCloud

Data that we transfer to a third party

When do we transfer

To whom do we transfer

Further Information

Location where a photo was taken

If you enable the option „Use Image Location in Title“ in a blog profile, we will read the GPS location where a photo was taken (if available) and send it to Apple to reverse geocode it into plain language location information before uploading the photo to your blog

Apple’s reverse geocoding service

Blog profiles

If you have iCloud enabled on your device, iOS will automatically synchronise your blog profiles with iCloud and your other devices

Apple iCloud

Rights that the app needs

Why the app needs this right

Access to your photo library on your device

To be able to upload images from your iPhone or iPad to your blog we need to be able to access your photos on your device

Contact Details

beaconeer publishing
Georg von der Howen
Braganzastraße 8
80637 München

Phone.: +49 89 21552069

If you contact us through one of these channels, we will save your information in order to process and respond to your request. We will not pass on your data to third parties without your consent.

General information

„BIRU for WordPress“ is a utility app that helps you to quickly resize, watermark and upload a set of photos from your iPhone or iPad to your WordPress blog. In order to do this, we need to store some information about your blog(s) which includes a blog’s URL, your blog username and optionally your password for a blog.

This data is stored locally on your device. If you activated iCloud on your device, this data will also be synchronised with your iCloud account with Apple and with other devices that are connected with this iCloud account. This is a build in function of the operating system iOS and not part of the functionality of this app.

Personal data according to Art. 4 Nr. 1 Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) is all information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person.

You will find all data that is collected by this app in the list below. There is the possibility that your device is collecting further data about the usage of this app. This collection is then part of the operating system and is governed by the data protection policy of iOS (

Your rights

You have certain rights regarding the data that we collect from you. In particular you have the right to:

  • Get information about your data: You have the right to know if we process your data, about the type of processing and to get a copy of the data.
  • Check and correct: You have the right to check if your data is correct and to demand an update or correction.
  • Limitation of processing of your data: Under certain circumstances you have the right to limit the processing of your data. In this case we will process your data only for storage purposes.
  • Deletion or removal of personal data: Under certain circumstances you have the right to demand the deletion of your data from us.
  • Revoke your consent at any time: If you have given consent to process your personal data, you can revoke this consent at any time.
  • Object to processing of your data: You have the right to object to the processing of your data if the processing is based on different grounds than your consent.
  • Get a copy your data and transfer it: You have the right to receive a copy if your data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and – if technically possible an feasible – to have the data transferred to another responsible person. This applies if your data is processed automatically and the processing is based on your consent, a contract that involves you or precontractual obligations by you.
  • File a complaint: You have right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority. This is the Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht, Promenade 27 (Schloss), 91522 Ansbach,

Data collected and processed by the app

Collected data

Blog profile information including URL, username, optional password as well as information about how you would like your photos to be processed before they are uploaded to your blog

Purpose of collection

To provide the service of bulk image resizing and uploading to your WordPress blogs

How we collect

Voluntary data entry by the user by creating a blog profile in the app

Type of processing

Data entry in the app, local usage of the information for the purpose of the app within the app only

Storage location

Locally on the device. The username and password of the blog profiles are stored in the key chain of your devices for special protection.

Duration of storage

Until deletion of a blog profile on the device (iCloud enabled) or until deinstallation of the app (when iCloud is disabled)

Information about your data

You can see all data directly in the app.

Rectification of data

You can edit all data directly in the app.

Deletion of the data

You can delete all data (blog profiles) directly in the app.

Transfer to a third party

If you activate iCloud on your device, the data will by synchronised with your Apple iCloud account and your other devices.

Further information

Collected data

Location data of a photo that you want to upload to your blog

Purpose of collection

To set the title of the uploaded photo to the photo’s location in clear text

How we collect

If you have enabled the option „Use Image Location in Title“ in the active blog profile, we read the GPS location that was stored in a photo when the photo was taken.

Type of processing

We then transmit this GPS location to Apple’s reverse geocoding service and receive the location information in plain language as a response. We then use this information to set the title of the photo in your blog’s media library.

Storage location

In memory of your device

Duration of storage

Until the photo has been uploaded

Transfer to a third party

Apple’s reverse geocoding service

Further information

Changes to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. Therefore, it is good to visit this page regularly and to check the last modified date at the bottom of the page. We will inform you about substantial changes if technically and legally possible in the app and / or by sending a message about it to your contact data if it is available to us.

Last modified:

May 25, 2018